Night Verses

Just as their band members are from opposite ends of the country, Night Verses’ music

also presents a varied mixture of sounds that may be expanding with the addition of their

newest album.

The aching and yearning in vocalist Douglas Robinson’s voice on songs such as ‘I’ve

Lost My Way Back Down’ and ‘Time Erases Time’ from the EP Out of the Sky and full-

length debut album Lift Your Existence, respectively, soars over a screaming guitar and

thoughtful but unpredictable notes.

As a result, Night Verses has been gathering attention since it released Out of the Sky in


Robinson was the lead singer of The Sleeping before it went on hiatus and the same

passion that was in his vocals with that band can be found with a grittier, moodier and

more soulful edge with Night Verses.

Long Island and Fullerton, California are the two bases from which its members hail.

Night Verses consists of Robinson, Nick DePirro on guitar, Reilly Herrera on bass and

Aric Improta on drums.

The band will release their sophomore album, Into The Vanishing Light, on July 8 on

Equal Vision Records and are currently on tour.

On its label’s website, Robinson and Improta talk about the evolving sounds that are

featured on Into The Vanishing Light.

The album’s first single, “Drift,” clearly establishes a slightly more upbeat sound than

their previous releases, and Robinson’s voice even sounds different in the opening lines.

“Our collective focus has been to create a record that feels cinematic, something to get

lost in….Retro-Futurism has also had a huge influence on the sound of this record as a

whole,” Improta stated on Night Verses’ artist page on Equal Vision Records’ site.

While their sound could be described as broadly as alternative or post-hardcore, the new

album may leave those labels and open up a wider genre for Night Verses fans.

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